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Walls+Forms' BulletinHolder And HeaderSigns

(April 2006) posted on Mon Apr 24, 2006

P-O-P and logo signholders

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Walls+Forms has added BulletinHolder
all-purpose signholders to its array of
indoor signs. The stands are available in
two styles: the P-O-P BulletinHolder measures
22"? x 59"? in. (w x h) with a 10 x
14-in. base; the Retail stand measures
24 x 56 in. (w x h) with a 15 x 24-in. base.

The displays are constructed of steel,
are available in powder-coated black
or chrome, and allow for top loading of
graphics on foamboard, gatorfoam, PVC,
polystyrene, or alternative rigid backers
up to "?-in. thick.

Walls+Forms also has introduced
its HeaderSigns front-loading display,
which uses Walls+Forms' DisplayFrame
or SekureFrame technology. Designed
for perimeter wall applications such
as displaying product categories or displaying
logos, the signs are available in
satin aluminum, white, black, blue, red,
and almond. They are manufactured
with a translucent acrylic backer that
provides uniform lighting from the light
fixture; non-illuminated styles come
with a solid backer. Mounting arms come
standard in 11"?-in. lengths and feature
either a slatwall or a gridwall mounting
bracket. Standard sizes: 14 x 48 x 12 in.
(h x w x d) and 12 x 46 x 12 in.