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Wasatch Updates SoftRIP Family to v. 6.0

(October 2006) posted on Mon Oct 23, 2006

Large Format, Small Format, Separations Printing, and Textile editions.

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Wasatch has announced Version 6.0 of its Wasatch SoftRIP family of products, which comprises Large Format, Small Format, Separations Printing, and Textile editions.

The new editions include Direct-to-Layout, Job-Based, and Server-Based processing to align with individual company workflows. Direct-to-Layout is for users who like to view all of the images in a production run at the same time so they can better plan their print run. Job-Based processing is for individuals that choose to open one image at a time and prepare to RIP and print individually. Server-Based processing is for users who manage the RIP from the Master Queues Manager, receiving files to RIP from separate networked stations.

Wasatch SoftRIP 6.0 additionally features a new Digital Tool Kit that includes settings called "Tool Tabs," which allow users to quickly ready images for printing. These tabs can be used for:

* Resizing, cropping, mirroring, and rotating;

* Tiling oversized jobs;

* Color-checking images for colors that cannot be reached with the current printer setup;

* Identifying which parts of your image are raster or vector, CMYK or RGB;

* Seeing a quick snapshot of RIP and Print Queue status;

* Telling the RIP to send Print Queue files directly to the printer or hold them for layout;

* Printing corner crop marks, full-length crop marks, and registration marks; and

* Annotating prints with date, file name, and printer details.



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