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Why Your Print Shop Needs a Drone

(November 2016) posted on Mon Jan 09, 2017

It's time to showcase your shop's offerings from new heights.

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By Craig Miller

When we look at equipment purchases for our wide-format print businesses, we typically think of printing, finishing, and installation equipment. Thrown into the mix are computers and related electronics, systems for phones, electrical and compressed air, and so on. Many shops also have a decent or professional-grade digital camera to record images of jobs they are proud of. These images populate company brochures, PowerPoint presentations, thumb drives, websites, and offices. This not only shows off the great work your company has done, but can also exemplify the quality of the printing it took to produce the graphics. With great project images, there’s also an opportunity to be featured in magazines like this one.

At Pictographics, we categorize images into applications like glass printing, soft signage, interior décor, vehicle graphics, events, etc. We upload them to our photo album website; each category has its own album. We make these albums private so only those people or companies we send the link to can visit them. This is handy when someone inquires about a product like architectural glass. We can send them a link to the album that contains 20 or 30 images of our most impressive installations from the past 10 years. This album speaks volumes because it shows we have offered printed, laminated, and tempered safety glass for more than a decade. The installations range from small and custom to large and impressive so that no job is too challenging or too big or even too small.

Capturing the Image
A quality, modern, digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera is capable of 1080p high-definition (HD) video. Some of the latest cameras can record in 4K or ultra-high definition (UHD). Why does that matter? Because videos can capture the dynamics of your graphics installations better than still images. That’s why we spend $17 to go to the movies: We like moving pictures.

Then there’s the fact that sites like YouTube and Vimeo exist. For free, you can upload HD, and in some cases UHD, videos of your projects with narrative to these sites. A simple link in an email puts an existing or prospective customer one click away from an impressive video demonstration of your completed projects. As with still images, these video clips can be integrated into PowerPoint presentations, thumb drives, and the company website.