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Winners of 2012 Golden Image Awards Announced

(October 2012) posted on Thu Oct 25, 2012

SGIA competition recognizes industry-leading excellence across various applications and categories.

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Category 13: Piece Goods, Digital entries
• Gold: Empas Emprime ( Innocent
• Silver: Empas Emprime: Joy
• Bronze: Empas Emprime: Thispors

Category 14: Textile Products (Other), Digital entries
• Gold: Varsha Transprint ( Ben 10

Category 15: Heat Transfers (Textile), Digital entries
• Gold: Varsha Transprint ( Angry Bird Cap
• Silver: Fiberlok Inc/High Voltage Graphics ( Cobras Soccer Academy El Paso 4D
• Bronze: Fiberlok Inc/High Voltage Graphics: Astros 50th Anniversary 4D
• Honorable mention: Fiberlok Inc/High Voltage Graphics: Olympia 4D

Category 18: Decals/Labels/Stickers, Digital entries
• Gold: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd ( Hakata Ippudo
• Silver: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: Häagen Dazs
• Bronze: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: Wacoal
• Honorable mention: Fiberlok Inc/High Voltage Graphics ( Chevy TackleKnit 2 Layer

Category 20: Retail/POP Displays/Exhibits, Digital entries
• Gold: Admark Visual Imaging Ltd ( Waka NZ Maori
• Honorable mention: The Ad Art Company ( Arizona Jeans 3-D Hanging Display
• Honorable mention: The Ad Art Company: Red Bull 3-D Standee

Category 21: Back-lighted Signs/Displays, Digital entries
• Gold: Varsha Transprint ( Eye Makeup Studio
• Silver: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd ( David Yurman
• Bronze: Standard (Chan's) Corp Ltd: Repetto
• Honorable mention: Admark Visual Imaging Ltd ( BK 'New' Kings Collection

Category 22: Metal Signs/Products, Digital entries
• Honorable mention: Ball Aerosol & Specialty Container ( 610x704 Fisher's Popcorn Beach

Category 23: Wooden Signs/Products, Digital entries
• Silver: Marketing Alliance Group ( Ballyhoo Casey Key
• Bronze: Varsha Transprint ( Good Bye

Category 25: Plastic Products, Three-Dimensional, Digital entries
• Bronze: Varsha Transprint ( Angry Bird Mug

Category 26: Plastic Products (Other), Digital entries
• Gold: Yunker Industries ( Pizza Sign
• Silver: Modagrafics ( Zebra Technologies Acrylic Stand-off
• Bronze: Yunker Industries: Eye Makeup Sign

Category 29: Glass, Curved, Digital entries
• Gold: Varsha Transprint ( Rajasthan

Category 31: Nameplates, Digital entries
• Honorable mention: Atlas Screen Printing ( Wading Birds Magnet

Category 32: Calendars, Digital entries
• Gold: Yunker Industries ( Company Calendar
• Silver: Art Print Studio MMOMA Moscow Museum of Modern Art ( Collection MMOMA
• Bronze: Varsha Transprint ( Birthday

Category 33: Greeting Cards, Digital entries
• Gold: Varsha Transprint ( Missing You

Category 34: Ring and Catalog Binders, Digital entries
• Honorable mention: American Thermoplastic Company ( B S & A Software Series

Category 36: Heat Transfers (Other), Digital entries
• Gold: Varsha Transprint ( Indian Tribal
• Honorable mention: Imprint Plus ( BMO 3rd Time Honouree

Category 37: Unique Applications, Digital entries
• Gold, Best in Digital Creativity: Build a Birdhouse: Creative Birdhouses by Build a Birdhouse
• Silver: Dye Into Print ( CHIBI BOOT GALOSH
• Bronze: Varsha Transprint ( Glamour & Gems

Category 42: Interior Design, Digital entries
• Gold: Varsha Transprint ( Merry Christmas

Category 43: Wallpaper, Digital entries
• Gold: Modagrafics ( Freshens

Category 44: Vehicle Wraps, Digital entries
• Gold: Modagrafics ( Chicago Bears Camry
• Silver: Modagrafics: Heineken
• Bronze: Modagrafics: Cedar Lane Frankly Fresh
• Honorable mention: Modagrafics: Coors Light Can Car

Category 45: Building Graphics, Digital entries
• Gold: Gamut Media ( Saladish" Restaurant Wall Graphics and Branding Campaign
• Silver: Modagrafics ( Miller Coors Mesh

Category 47: Ceramics, Digital entries
• Bronze: Just in Time Printing Mexico ( Ceramic UV Digital Printing
• Honorable mention: Varsha Transprint ( Innocence

Category 48: Carpets/Rugs, Digital entries
• Gold: Just in Time Printing Mexico ( Carpet
• Silver: Varsha Transprint ( Baby’s footsteps

Category 49: Floor Graphics, Digital entries
• Gold: Modagrafics ( Eclipse Gum Floor Graphic
• Silver: Modagrafics: Svedka Vodka Floor Graphic

Category 50: Ad Specialty/Promotional Products,: Digital entries
• Silver: Varsha Transprint ( Incredible India
• Bronze: Fiberlok Inc/High Voltage Graphics ( Jacuzzi Lextra 3D Hybrid