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Winning Websites

(May 2009) posted on Tue Apr 28, 2009

Bettering your online presence can pay off.

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By Gregory Sharpless

Portland Color ( takes a similar approach with its home page, utilizing a single large image. "I think that it's important that your Web page reflect your brand," says Andy Graham. "That is, the website must convey both how you want potential customers to perceive your company and product offering, and support and reinforce the image that your other communications are conveying."

"A good website," he continues, "allows the right customers to identify with and align themselves with your brand. It encourages the customers you want to attract and discourages the customers you don't want to attract. And, it supports your value proposition."

In the case of Megapixel Digital Imaging (, the shop immediately hits readers with an oversized scenic shot and the "Go Big!" tagline. The photo featured on the home page was taken by Ken Holyfield, the company's owner and the site design is by Isaac Powell, the shop's designer.

Think Big Solutions ( and Jumbo Graphics ( have also taken the large-image approach in order to make a good first impression.

Keep in mind that you also want to make the home page quickly navigable and approachable, particularly to the new visitor. Take a look at what Xtreme Performance Wraps ( does with its home page, for instance. It's easily navigable and there's no doubt that wraps are where it's at for this shop.

Social networking and multimedia
There's never been a better time to have non-static content. Many shops are now taking advantage of social networking-type functions – blogs, Twitter, etc. – as well as multimedia features including videos to promote their company and services.

The aforementioned Think Big Solutions and Jumbo Graphics have both set up blog pages, using these to publicize recent news (eg, new marketing production divisions, their latest jobs and clients) and other information. In addition, Think Big is using Twitter to allow for quick snippets of information to clients and prospects.