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Winning Websites

(May 2009) posted on Tue Apr 28, 2009

Bettering your online presence can pay off.

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By Gregory Sharpless

“We have seen dramatic results,” says Think Big President Shawn Allison. "Not only have we had a huge increase in site visits, but the number of requests for quotes and information has increased dramatically. Typically in a 'normal' week we are getting three requests for information or for quotes. The other advantage to our blog and Twitter is that our customers and prospects have a closer interaction with our company. Newsletters are great but the ability to inform and keep people updated is the real advantage. It is a commitment to do both on a regular basis. It is challenging for me – I don't consider myself a great writer and you are throwing yourself out there for the world to see. It’s very important to have your staff contributing content; it engages them in the effort and makes them find appropriate topics.”

Zentx Media Group ( also has set up a blog page with an emphasis on project news via (, as well a YouTube link that provides new prospects with the basics of the advantages to vehicle graphics.

Rainier (, meanwhile, has worked with Visual Media Group to create its company videos, which receive their own page on the company's website, and are separated into Display Solutions, Fabric Solutions, and Shelter Solutions. "We invited VMG to our new 140,000-square-foot facility in South Seattle for a day of shooting video of our team," says Rainier's Bruce Dickerson. "VMG captured the integrity of what we do here every day at Rainier with the combination of our talent, equipment, and facility. The videos have been a fantastic vehicle to spread our corporate message to clients especially out of our region. They certainly have paid for themselves."

To emphasize its environmental efforts, LAgraphico ( has set up a video on its site focused on green. "Especially now, existing and potential clients want to be aware of our sustainability efforts," says Michael Griffin of LAgraphico. "As we continue to research and to allocate many man-hours toward the use of eco-friendly materials and procedures throughout our facility, we’re able to direct customers to our website for an overview of some of the leading-edge processes we’ve put in place." The video is also available on a separate DVD, and the shop uses it in its press kits and for potential and existing clients.