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Winning Websites

(May 2009) posted on Tue Apr 28, 2009

Bettering your online presence can pay off.

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By Gregory Sharpless

Showing off your shop and its work
Highlighting just what your shop can produce can be a primary and important site feature. Commerce Color (, for instance, has established 10 different image galleries of types of jobs it produces – from billboards and construction to events and wallscapes. From within each gallery, a prospect can zoom into each individual image. Importantly, a "quick quote" box always appears, no matter which gallery is called up.

"Featured project photos has always been a vital part of our online business model," says Commerce Color's Tom Croghan. "The scale and scope of our work gives us the street credibility we need to get new and better business. When potential customers see our work they know we've got the chops to get things done! We've also found that customer testimonials play an important role in building credibility. Real-life client reactions help to give new customers the courage to place orders. Notice that we run market-specific client testimonials right next to many of the specific product pages as well as the gallery pages.

And he adds, "The quick quote form lives on every page of the site. We give our visitors every opportunity to contact us with project specs as well as general questions and comments. We also like visitors to sign up to receive our online newsletter. It helps us to stay in contact with them and offer free goodies once in a while."

Another option is to show off the business itself. Point Imaging ( has created a virtual video tour of its plant that enables the site visitor to see just about every aspect of the shop floor.

"Our facility was designed to be the optimal selling tool," says Marco Perez, Point Imaging's director of marketing. "We wanted a place that brought pride to our team members, impressed our visitors, and supported the message that we can handle our client's largest and most complex programs. When you enter this facility, it becomes clear that this is not your typical printing company. So, in designing our new website, we searched for ways to best deliver that 'wow' factor our plant brings when seen in person. Naturally, a panoramic view of the plant, with several angle options, was chosen.