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ZBE Speeds Up the Chromiras

(March 2003) posted on Mon Mar 17, 2003

New versions print five times faster than originals

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To provide greater productivity for portrait/social, full-service and custom photographic labs, ZBE has ramped up the speeds on their 30-in. and 50-in. Chromira LED photo imagers. The new units carry a 5x designation in their model names to denote the fact that they can expose images five times faster than the original models did.

With an output speed of 25 in./min, the Chromra 5x 30 can image up to 563 8 x 10-in. photos per hour. Outputting at 20 in/min., the Chromira 5x 50 can image up to 750 8 x 10 in. photos per hour.

In addition to accelerated imaging technology, the imager use ZBE's patented LED Resolution-Enhancing Technology which makes the Chromira's native resolution of 330 ppi look more like 425 ppi. For a perpetual imaging workflow, the 50-in. unit uses ZBE's interruptible, line-by-line imaging system for on-the-fly image processing.

Chromira's upgraded photo imagers can be bundled with ZBE's WorkStream order-management and digital print production software. (ZBE: