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Eight vehicle-graphics projects that are wrapped and ready to hit the road.

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By Clare Baker

Graphics On the Double

Figuring out the right design for the graphics of a vehicle wrap can sometimes be the most challenging part of a job. Julia Steffen of JaxWraps explains, "[Finding] a happy medium between what the client wants and what is possible and what will work best on the vehicle takes time."

The difficulty in designing a wrap was doubled when the Jacksonville, FL-based shop took on the challenge of designing a wrap to that would be on not just one vehicle, but two. The job was for State Farm insurance agent Ron McCann, who turned to JaxWraps to wrap two promotional vehicles-a PT Cruiser and a pick-up truck-advertising his services.

Designed by JaxWraps lead graphics designer Mike Franqui, the graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator and then color corrected and manipulated in Photoshop. But the up-front part of the process was quite challenging: "Because a truck and a PT Cruiser have different body types, it limits the amount of consistent space to work with, which is where the design challenge lies," says Franqui. "By simplifying the overall design, we can apply the same graphical elements to any vehicle, giving the impression of the same design."

A reduced-size proof as well as cross-sections of the wrap at full scale to check for color and resolution quality were sent to the client for approval. JaxWraps printed the proofs with its EFI Vutek 3360 EC and Triangle Solvent inks, imaging onto 3M Controltac IJ-180C film.

Once the proofs were approved, JaxWraps output the final graphics for both vehicles using the same printer and media. Additionally, the window graphics were printed on 3M 1212 Window Perf. The graphics were printed in sections ranging from 45-to 51-in. wide. Total square footage printed for the PT Cruiser was 150 sq ft; 200 sq ft of graphics were printed for the truck wrap. Total printing time: 3.5 hours. The prints were then laminated using a Seal 62-in. Pro. Two JaxWraps employees completed the installation of this job in one day.