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Eight vehicle-graphics projects that are wrapped and ready to hit the road.

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By Clare Baker

JaxWraps, an offshoot of its Jacksonville-based parent company Digital Industries, has been in business since 2005. With a 14,000-sq-ft facility, the shop employs approximately 20 people and specializes in vehicle wraps and tradeshow displays. "JaxWraps Customers," says Steffen "are any small- to medium-sized companies looking for an effective way to grow their business." Maybe even double it.


Graphics in Tune

In the annals of rock-and-roll, many a Gibson guitar has been slung over the shoulder of a fledging musician as he or she is catapulted from obscurity to fame. And with that fame often comes a lucrative record deal, throngs of screaming fans, and of course, a plush tour bus. So to ensure that Gibson Guitar-endorsed artists feel like the proper stars they are, Gibson has created the Gibson bus: a decked-out tour bus fit for a king (or for Queen or Prince for that matter) to be used at artists’ various promotional events and as green rooms at outdoor concerts, plus for use at Gibson product introductions and promotions.

To wrap the exterior of one of its five Gibson buses as well as print interior graphics for the bus, Gibson Guitars turned to Precision Signworks. Images were provided by Gibson and given to Precision Signworks as TIFF files. Working in Adobe Photoshop, the shop made the necessary color corrections and manipulations. "Gibson spends a great deal of time and money in providing the best quality finish on all of their products. We had to make sure that our prints reflected and promoted the same look as their actual instruments, especially since these buses will be viewed by their current and future customers," says Mark Gray, president of Precision Signworks.