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Zooming in on Photo Plus

(January 2008) posted on Fri Jan 11, 2008

A snapshot of highlights from the 2007 show.

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By Clare Baker

The AFi models also offer a 6 x 7-cm LCD touch screen and allows for viewing of a true 1:1 raw image. A combined analog and digital interface allows users quick access to camera settings, reports Leaf. Additionally, the cameras feature an adjustable viewfinder system (waist level or 90? prism view), and users can also switch between portrait and landscape mode by turning the camera back instead of the whole camera. An adjustable control grip allows users to shoot at ergonomically optimal angles. Photog-raphers can also have full remote control of the camera from a computer.

Hasselblad ( introduced the H3DII-39MS, a multi-shot version of the company’s H3DII-39 DSLR, which was available in September of last year. Designed for still-life and architectural photography, the camera combines the benefits of multi-shot technology with the functionality of the H3DII-39 DSLR, eliminating the need to interpolate images and enabling both single- and multi-shot DSLR capability.

The H3DII-39MS will incorporate all of the key features of the H3DII including a raw converter; Ultra-Focus technology, which allows for the optimization of digital-lens performance; Digital Auto Correction technology for APO correction; digital-distortion correction; and anti-vignetting to deliver full digital-lens correction when used with Hasselblad lenses.

Price on the H3DII-39MS: $43,995. A newly announced trade-in program enables Hasselblad users upgrade to the H3DII system, including the H3DII-39MS

The company also announced that it is discontinuing its H2 camera line, although it is now offering a simplified film-only H2F.

DxO Labs ( previewed the latest version of its automatic image-quality enhancement software, DxO Optics Pro version 5. The upgraded software features a new raw-conversion engine that includes a de-mosaicing algorithm, providing images with more detail and fewer unwanted artifacts. The new software also applies its noise-reduction technology to the image prior to de-mosaicing, before the noise is increased by the raw-conversion process.

Version 5 includes a new dust/blemish-removal tool and a revamped user interface designed to improve workflow and provide greater ease of use. A new Snapshot feature allows users to create several "virtual versions" of an image and then apply different corrections to the image for processing. And, the software can now read from and interact with image libraries from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.