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Zooming in on Photo Plus

(January 2008) posted on Fri Jan 11, 2008

A snapshot of highlights from the 2007 show.

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By Clare Baker

Both Windows and Macintosh versions of the software are available. Support for the Canon EOS 40D has also been added, and DxO expects to add support for the Canon 1Ds MKIII, Nikon D300, and Nikon D3 DSLRs in the coming months.

Price: DxO Optics Pro v5 Standard, $169; DxO Optics Pro v5 Elite, $299 (upgrade price: Standard, $95; Elite, $125).

OnOne Software ( announced the availability of several new Adobe Photoshop plug-ins. PhotoTools and PhotoTools Professional Edition provide a range of imaging tools including effects, corrections, and production automation. The plug-ins are designed to reproduce camera filters like neutral density, color correction, and polarization as well as darkroom techniques and alternative processes like solarization, cyanotype, and palladium printing. The software also allows users to preview effects individually or use multiple effects together. The effects can then be applied to a whole folder of images via batch processing.

PhotoTools includes more than 150 effects, PhotoTools Professional Edition includes an additional 100 effects. Price: PhotoTools, $159.99; PhotoTools Professional Edition, $259.95.

With the acquisition of Photoshop plug-in company, PhotoTune Software, onOne Software has introduced PhotoTune 2.0, a Photoshop plug-in that incorporates plug-ins acquired from PhotoTune, ColorTune 2.0 (previously known as 20/20 Color MD) and SkinTune 2.0. The ColorTune uses Color Wizard technology to correct color and the SkinTune plug-in contains a library of between 125,000 and 150,000 skin tone colors; the plug-in instantly finds the nearest acceptable skin color from the selected library and automatically corrects the image. Price: PhotoTune 2.0, $129.95. An upgrade from 20/20 Color MD 1.0 and/or SkinTune 1.0 is available for $69.95.

Moab ( by Legion Paper introduced its line of Moenkopi Japanese Washi papers designed and coated for digital photographers and artists. The papers are made from sustainable and environmentally friendly fibers.

The line includes: Kozo 110, Unryu 55, and Bizan 300. Kozo 110 is a 100-gsm paper made of Kozo (mulberry) fiber with a smooth surface; the paper is available as A4 and A3+ (13 x 19 in.) sheets; rolls available as special order. Unryu 55 is a natural white 55-gsm paper that’s ideal for adding depth to a print, reports Moab; the paper is available in A4 and A3+ sheets and 44-in. x 15-m rolls. Bizan 300 is a sun-dried paper made from Kozo and hemp fibers; the 300-gsm paper is available in A4 and A3+ sheets.

Hahnemuhle ( displayed two fine-art papers, FineArt Baryta 325 and Bamboo 290 (for more information on the Bamboo paper, see the October issue of The Big Picture, p. 22). Designed for black-and-white and color photography, the 325-gsm FineArt Baryta paper is a bright white, high-gloss paper with a baryta coating. The 100% alpha cellulose paper is compatible with both dye and pigmented inks and boasts a high dmax value and a wide color gamut.

Leica Camera ( unveiled its new Summarit-M class lenses for analog and digital Leica M rangefinder cameras. The handcrafted lenses feature a maximum aperture of f 2.5 and are available in four popular focal lengths: 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 90mm. The 35mm and 50mm lenses offer a minimum shooting distance of 0.8 m while the minimum shooting distance for the 75mm is 0.9 m and 1 m for the 90mm. The lowest aperture value on all of the lenses is 16.

The lenses may be purchased individually or in sets of two, three, or four lenses.