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ColorSpan 72UVR - 72" UV FlatBed Printer - 72 UVR

Price $12,000 OBO

We're selling a 72" ColorSpan 72UVR with an aftermarket anti-static bar.

This printer prints on both flat boards (such as the material used to make election signs - coroplast) as well as roll-to-roll material like banner, vinyl, and any other un-coated material. Un-like with solvent printers which machine can print on any un-coated surface making your media cost VERY cheap!

This is a great printer for someone looking to get into UV printer. I'd keep it but, we have new machine coming and there won't be room for both in our space.

This machine prints 100sq/ft per hour in high quality mode, and around 200 sq/ft per hour in production. It can print 400sq ft per hour in "billboard" mode, but the quality at that speed is quite poor.

As you may or may not know, Macdermid - the original manufacture of this machine; was bought out by HP, so your inks would be purchased through your local HP distributor.

We can handle crating of this machine for a fee of $500, but you need to arrange a LCL carrier to pick it up; or you can pick it up locally. I do require FULL payment by bank wire before we will begin crating the unit.

If you have any questions please email through eBay, or call me toll free at 1-888-326-6157 ext 702.

PAYMENT: I require payment by Bank wire before this printer moves an inch! I've had to many people try and scam me when selling printers online. I will not accept cheques, certified cheques, or even money orders. Banks no longer consider these as legit payment methods

Price $12,000 OBO