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Ackland Media Frames


Whether you are doing wall scapes or truck sides, Ackland Media Frames makes it easy for you to promote your business or product. Turn Any Wall, Truck, or Semi-Flat Surface into an Eye-Catching Billboard.
•No Moving Parts

•Requires No Special Tools
•Uses Vinyl with the Raw Edge

•No Hems, Beading, Grommets or Fabrication of any kind!

•Frames & Vinyl are Re-Usable
•Fastens with Screws or Rivets

•Indoor/Outdoor Applications
•Truckside Advertising or Wallscapes

Rails available in increments of 8ft, 12ft, 13ft, 24ft and 26ft. Custom sizes will incur additional cutting cost.

$4.90 a linear ft upto 1000 linear ft
$4.00 a linear ft from 1001 to 3000 linear ft
$3.50 a linear ft 3001 and up while supplies last

Call Laura at 480-236-9846 or e-mail at