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Dilli Neo Titan 63" wide UV flatbed - $47,000 (6 new heads $12,00 Value)


LEASE THIS PRINTER (with 6 new heads) for about $1250 per mo - 48 mo. lease (based on $47,000 price).

Neo Titan printers are built by Dilli Precision Eng. and is the same printer as the Agfa Annapurna M. There are very well made and this one is in great shape. The price $47,000 with all 6 heads replaced so this printer will be like new again running CMYKlclm.

The new heads will be installed at time of printer install so new owner will know the heads are new out of the box. The printer has a Wasatch RIP key included along with a set of in/out roller tables. Install and training are included (travel exp. negotiable depending on location) and shipping is additional.

There is no better value in this price range of under $50K. This printer delivers great quality that would be a great addition or starter flatbed for anyone sign or graphics shop.

Call 201-675-3334 or email