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Dilli Neo Titan (Annapurna M Style) UV Flatbed - $40,000

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Dilli is the OEM manufacturer for the Agfa Annapurna M series printers. The Neo Titan is the same basic machine and produces similar high quality output. This printer is being sold as is.

It is a 6 color 63” wide printer but is currently running with just 4 colors due to a print head issue. Anyone buying it could add two heads and turn it back into a 6 color or use it as a 4 color. The printer includes everything you see below.

It prints very high resolution detail and would be a great starter printer for a first time UV flatbed purchase. It is built like a tank and the current owner uses the multiple up registration feature all the time. It was installed April of 2008. It is loaded with Nazdar UV ink ($110/liter). Shipping & install are additional.

I have a supplier that will sell 6 new heads for approx. $9700. So for less than $50,000 you can have all new heads in a like new machine. That's a good way to start with used gear plus you would have 4 spare heads.

So if you are looking for a good deal on a solid starter system send an email to: