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Mutoh ValueJet 1304-054"----MSPR$13,995.00

Mutoh ValueJet 1304 - 54"

MSRP $13,995.00

Easy to Install, Operate and Maintain

The ValueJet 1304 four color printer is easy to install, operate and maintain. It provides impressive performance at a reasonable price without compromising image quality. The ValueJet 1304 offers 10 print modes including the new 540x720 dpi mode that is perfect for banners. The 10 print modes allow for a wide range of printing possibilities on a variety of inexpensive, uncoated media. Resolution can be set to 540, 720 or 1440 dpi. The ValueJet 1304 can print speeds up to 145 square feet an hour with a maximum media width of 54."

Banding is alleviated using Mutoh's i² Intelligent Interweaving print technology. Mutoh has taken a totally new approach with its i² technology where ink is laid down in carefully optimized wave forms, not in straight lines used in traditional printing practices. This approach drastically reduces or even eliminates typical inkjet printing artifacts such as horizontal banding, step mismatch banding, ink mottle, etc. In short, i² will allow for high speed bi-directional printing of all images, even for the most critical jobs.

The ValueJet 1304’s high print speeds and exceptional image quality are also made possible through Mutoh’s state-of-the-art piezo print head technology. The ValueJet has 1440 total nozzles and variable dot technology to produce outdoor durable, photo quality images.

The ValueJet creates brilliant images using Mutoh’s Eco-Ultra inks, available in 220 ml cartridges. Eco-Ultra ink is Mutoh’s 3rd generation of eco inks. Eco-Ultra ink has exceptional durability and will last up to three years outdoors without lamination.


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