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Premium Quality Eco-Solvent Ink .

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SunGreen Ink is a high quality product developed in a state of the art facility. Using only the best raw materials available in the market.
An ultra refined pigment process allows for compatability with:
• Mimaki™ JV3, JV33, JV5
• Roland™ SJ, XJ, XC, VP, SP
• Mutoh™ Valuejet, Rockhopper & more..

SunGreen Eco Solvent Inks are the perfect alternative to high cost original OEM inks.
SunGreen Eco Solvent Inks are fully compatible with Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh and others solvent printers equipped with Epson dx4 or dx5 printheads.
Flushing of the system is not required when converting to SunGreen Eco Solvent inks.
No need to waste costly time and ink during change-over procedure, increasing the work productivity.

Optimal Printing Environment
• Temperature : 65°- 86° F or 18° - 30° C
• Relative Humidity: 20% to 70% Non - condensing
Key Features
• Mix & Match Technology
• No need for flushing
• Strong adhesion and flexibility
• Excellent Ink flow and no clogging for continous printing
• Extended outdoor durability
• ISO 9001 & 14001 certified
• Nano - Pigment Technology
• Wide color gamut
• High or low speed printing

Note: Flushing is only required when switching Eco Solvent to Mild Solvent or vice - versa.
Available in 440cc cartridges and liter bottles.

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Stock Available in MIami,FL