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Roland SC-540 FOR SALE by Owner



Roland SC-540.  Print Cut.  6 color machine.  EcoSol Max OEM Inks.  2 owner machine.  Includes take up reel and outboard heater.  Wasatch ColorRip is provided.  Various cleaning supplies also included.  Have all standard manuals, some service manuals, start up discs, and assorted original paperwork.

We've had the printer for 3 years and ran it everyday.
The printer was new in 2006.  We acquired this machine from a Sign-A-Rama franchise.  This is our only machine and we run banners, vehicle graphics, yard signs, and RTA prints on it daily.  Also run photo paper and pop up super smooth banner material regularly.  We are currently using the machine until it sells so it will come with 440ml ink set.  We are only selling because we are moving onto latex inks.  Print cut feature works flawlessly at lengths up to 15 feet.

Shows wear of a 7 year old machine with various cosmetic nicks and ink spills.  Only known issue is an occasional (one every 1-2 weeks) service code error 0105 which is a carriage error where the heads don't release from the docking station.  Powering down the machine and the rebooting "fixes" the problem.  It has been a nuisance, but not a major problem.
We replaced a black print head a little over a year ago that was damaged from a head strike.  The dampers and wipers probably need to be replaced, but the prints have still been running fine so we haven't bothered.

We used canned profiles from the original Wasatch RIP.  I'm sure if someone wanted to take the time to create tailored profiles they could get better color than what we run.  The only quality issue is black and white photography occasionally has a green tint.

Check out our photos and video here : Please contact Ben with questions at

Crating and Shipping paid by purchaser