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Standoffs! Add Flair!


Sign Materials
Your Image is our Business!

July, 2011

Add flair to your signs, artwork, work or home nvironment by simply using standoffs!

Top-quality standoffs, easy to install, at accessible prices!

Premium Aluminum Standoffs!
Elegant fixtures like these fine, satin finished, premium aluminum standoffs will highlight any sign, panel, portrait, or work of art!

Inexpensive Aluminum Standoffs!
Best alternative to premium aluminum or metal standoffs! Inexpensive aluminum standoffs deliver the same eye-catching effect but at a more affordable price!

Metal Standoffs!
Striking lustrous chrome polished brass standoffs that will last a lifetime!

Border Standoffs!
Do not perforate your master piece if you don't want to! Our chrome polished brass border standoffs give you this flexibility!

Cable Systems!
Very stylish and neat cable systems!

Screws Caps!
Cover aesthetic basics by using either satin finish aluminum or polished chrome brass screw caps.

Visit our website at for more detailed information and easily place an order or contact us at 877-628-1841 or via e-mail at We will be happy to help you!