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Standoffs! Enhance Image & Value!


Sign Materials Incorporated has been in the signage industry for over seventeen years. We distribute a wide variety of products to retail sign shops, graphic designers, suppliers, and other different business entities. We have and will incessantly continue providing top-grade products as our standoffs, with an exceptional service, at the possible lowest price to our clients.

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Sign Materials features Standoffs, because we know these are a valuable asset to our clients. Standoffs are one of the unique fixtures found by many as a catalyst for innovation, enhancing image, presentation, and value to infinite applications.
As infinite the applications of standoffs are, as our dedication to provide an exceptional service to our clients. We understand, and keep always in mind, the importance of our client’s jobs and projects. Therefore, we are as responsive as possible, always with a friendly and professional demeanor.

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Our e-store has been essential in achieving that great service our customers receive. Its easy-to-follow layout makes it easy to place orders immediately. Also, know, in real time, our inventory so you can plan your estimated production time. Furthermore, we accept credit cards, payments through PayPal, and bank deposits for your convenience. Our e-store is completely safe, for we offer SSL certification and McAfee security.
Sign Materials team works closely with clients to better understand their challenges and provide cost-effective solutions.

Contact us: Toll Free: 877-628-1841; Office: 619-661-9948; e-mail: