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Epson DX4 Can I move used ecosolvent head to Epson 10600

I have just fried one of my 10600 heads, maybe by over cleaning and SSCL with blocked damper.

The black/cyan nozzle plate is now loose. So the head is history.

So as I have 4 DX4 heads that were previously on an Agfa Grand Sherpa with ecosol ink, which I have tried to clean, can I re-clean or try to get one of them to a 100% clean stage where I can put it in my 10600 unitary head to replace the B/C head and continue to print with water based pigment ink?

The four used DX4 heads have new adapters on them and still may be able to be cleaned better before fitting in the 10600 - I would say the best of them has 95% of both nozzle rows running clean. The worst of the heads have one nozzle row showing 50% still blocked.

My goal at this stage would be to find the best cleaning solution recipe, for ecosolvent ink prior use, using a mixture of basic material solvents and not proprietary solutions, then to try to use this to get one of the heads firing 100% for fitting into the unitary 10600 head/damper assembly.

All four DX4 from the Agfa have good nozzle plates with no leakage between the colour tracks.

Once fitted to the 10600 I could perhaps do a SSCL routine to clean any still blocked nozzles but I have now become pretty wary of that routine, since that is how I damaged the black cyan head.