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longest life print-head in the world

if you are a solvent printer user or a solvent printer dealer or going into the outdoor printing market, i think you will confuse what printer you should choose. because there are so many company and so many king of printer you can choose and don't know how to choose.

actually, before you choose a solvent printer, you have to choose which print-head you like frist, because the print-head is the most important parts for one printer. you may be will also confuse why so many company in china they always change their print-heads, before is xaar 128, last year is spectra skywalker and seiko, this year is Konica , xaar 382...... but which one is you are looking for ? for more high resolution ? for more high speed, for more long life head ? may be all is you are looking for . but it is no any one print-head in the world is high resolution and hige speed and long life and cheap price.
if you like high resolution, you have to lost the speed, if you want long life head, it should be more expensive.

now we have one new choice to you. TRIDENT PRINT-HEAD from USA.
TRIDENT head not very high resolution, but it is very high speed and very very long life and very stable.

because the Trident head is use for industry already more than 20 years. the print heads is make by metal and the nozzle plate can be remove and clean.
so many print-head running still now already more than 10 years life.

Our TITAN-JET new Poseidon series machine adopt TRIDENT 768L and TRIDENT 256L print-head already more than 3 year, the frist machine running in customer place already almost 2 years , still now no any nozzle blocked. and we are the only one can give the ture warranty one year to customer.

TRIDENT 768 head one pass 10 cm, so it is very easy to reach about 80SQM/hour at 4 pass, more than 100 SQM/hour at 3 pass.

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