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  • "You must be able to recognize that customers often don’t fully understand their own needs simply because they don’t know that alternative products and procedures exist."
  • Hit the classroom – real or virtual – to learn new skills and refine existing practices.
  • "Regardless of whether you believe we have officially managed our way through the recession or not, one thing is clear: It’s more expensive to do business now than it was a couple years ago."
  • "When it comes to growth, every print provider should at least consider expanding their business by supplementing it with additional locations as a part of their strategy."
  • More than 40 front-end solutions for bettering your company’s bottom line.
  • Xinet will now be a North Plains company and no longer exist as a standalone entity.
  • Keeping your company's proprietary information safe.
  • Insight gained from attending the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

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