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Recent Stories

  • Photographer JR uses an HP Designjet Z6200 in photobooth at Rencontres d'Arles festival.
  • Omnigraphics' “World’s Here to Play” graphic adorns the Tower Building in Auckland’s downtown area.
  • TKO Graphix wraps University of Michigan's solar car for the Veolia World Solar Challenge Australia.
  • Great Big Color's output graces these Omaha grain silos.
  • Coloredge New York ● Los Angeles creates dino-themed graphics for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.
  • Britten Banners works with artist Revere La Noue to create a massive mascot building wrap for Western Michigan University.
  • Magnacrom Digital utilizes a Durst Rho 320R and handmade Amate bark paper for elephant images.
  • Big Ink unifies Supervalu grocer brands with myriad graphics.