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Fanning the Vehicle-Wrap Flames

(July 2010) posted on Fri Jul 16, 2010

Six projects to help you re-ignite your passion for vehicle graphics.

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By Jared Smith

It’s all too easy to get bogged down with the details of running a successful print shop. Head to the office each morning, work with your nose to the grindstone, initiate departmental meetings, issue the payroll report, etc. And so on each week.

Somewhere, though, mixed in with the day-to-day humdrum is a very cool vehicle wrap rolling out of your install bay. This is, after all, the reason that we decided not to get “normal” jobs. This is the reason we work the hours we do. For me, it’s the feeling I get when the sun shines just right on a completed vehicle-wrap project. Or when a customer acknowledges our good work. Sure, banners and signs pay the bills and keep us busy, but there’s just something about working on cool cars or making cars better than they were yesterday that just does it for me. That’s what makes me want to come into the shop. And it’s what makes all of us want to show off, spend the extra time, and challenge ourselves to go over the top with a job, as if it were our own vehicle.

What follows are six fun and challenging projects we took on at bluemedia, all of which have helped keep our creative flames brightly lit. Every project displayed here was printed in our shop in Tempe, Arizona, where inks dry fast on the media and on the printheads. Most were designed by our own in-house creative team and installed by our install crew. I’ll hit on certain technical aspects of each project, as well as some fun, non-tech details, and finish each project with bullet points on the most challenging—and easiest—aspects of each job.

Challenging Templates for Custom
Geiser Bros. Design & Development builds some of the most amazing off-road vehicles I’ve ever seen. When the youngest son, Sean Geiser, needed to get his Unlimited Buggy wrapped to race in the Lucas Oil Short Course series, it gave our company the opportunity to show we would be a great vendor. Naturally, we jumped at the chance.