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Flatbeds & Hybrids 2013 Report

(June 2013) posted on Thu Jun 27, 2013

Offerings from 20+ companies to expand your shop’s job mix.

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The most profitable print shops, it could be argued, are chameleons. They are able to change, seemingly at will, into the type of technology provider that’s necessary to take on and do a variety of jobs. Shops without this morphing ability can quickly become typecast into a particular niche of print work – and see all other jobs land elsewhere.

Enter the flatbed and hybrid printers. Capable of printing on just about any type of material – from paper, vinyl, and plastic to wood, metal, glass, and more – these machines are the perfect tool for the print provider seeking to diversify the type of jobs and projects it needs to run. They can take on thick substrates, generally up to 2-inches deep (the standard for most entry doors), and some models can accommodate even beefier media. Plus, because they’re typically running UV inks, the flatbed or hybrid printer will also give the shop a sustainable operational and sales advantage versus their non-green counterparts.

On the pages that follow, we appeal to the chameleon in you by highlighting various flatbed printer models from more than 20 printer OEMs across the marketplace. All information is current as of us assembling this list, just after this spring’s ISA Expo 2013 and prior to FESPA Digital in London. Most of the details you’ll see here are from our own original reports on these printer models when first introduced (we’ve updated the specs and indicated new additional features); some model information has been newly generated just for this report. Also: We’ve tended to concentrate here on printer OEMs that have primary US distribution.

Looking for our annual flatbed printer charts? These will appear in our special 2013 Printer Sourcebook; scheduled for release later this year as a digital-only resource, the Sourcebook will contain detailed specs on more than 250 printers in all (flatbeds as well as rollfeds).