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Breaking Into a Dynamic Space

(October 2013) posted on Fri Oct 04, 2013

Is the next step for your shop electronic digital signage?

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By Beth Osborne

We live in an ever-changing marketplace. As we saw in the early 1990s with the innovation of digital printing, the signage and graphics industries are forever evolving. With competition steadfast, what’s the next step in the evolution of graphics?

The obvious answer to me is electronic digital signage, aka “dynamic signage.”

Whereas conventional print methods involve multiple steps to make simple changes to graphics and/or text, dynamic signage allows customers to change their messaging in moments. And there are other benefits to dynamic signage as well, including: the ability to schedule specific messaging; remote changing of messages and content; displaying emergency messaging; a perceived sustainability versus print; and more.

Some print shops believe that adding dynamic signage to their portfolio of options might appear to be a market that’s too expensive and too technical to break into. But by focusing on some of the talents and expertise that are already in-house, many print providers are actually well poised to enter into the dynamic-signage realm. What follows are a few notes that can help you determine if it’s time for you to break into a more dynamic space.

A close look at your customers
Look at your current customer base. What types of customers and projects need re-works and/or additional prints on a regular basis because of simple changes? Menu boards, for instance, would be a prime candidate due to regular changes to items and pricing. It’s become a necessity rather than a choice for the industry.

Think about how many quick-serve or fast casual food venues have now gone completely digital. This type of changeover is even more apparent in food courts or with food-service companies that serve hospitals, universities, or other organizations because they change their menu items every day. Dynamic signage is the only solution for them. In the next five years, I believe that print menus in these types of establishments will be the exception, not the rule.

So, before making any decisions about whether to diversify into dynamic signage, take a close look at your customers. Think about the way they do business – specifically, how they communicate with customers. If their needs point toward constantly changing their messaging, then they’re an excellent candidate for dynamic signage.