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Capturing Fine-Art Success

(May 2014) posted on Wed Apr 30, 2014

Four companies prove the profits of fine-art printing.

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By Adrienne Palmer

Sometimes you find your niche right away, and sometimes you have to work toward figuring it out. And then, of course, there’s mastering the relevant techniques involved in that particular niche once you’ve decided upon it.

For print providers, myriad profit-center options are out there: interior décor, package printing, vehicle wraps, dynamic signage, 3D printing, and many others. Each of these has its pros and cons, and a print provider has to evaluate all of the factors in determining whether – and when – to integrate a particular niche into the business.

Could fine-art printing be one such option for your shop?

First consider that creating fine-art prints is, in many ways, an entirely different animal from your more standard jobs. As you’ll see on the pages that follow, a lot goes into reproducing fine artwork: high-end image capture, intensive image editing, precise color matching, and of course the printing. The final output typically needs to replicate the original artwork almost exactly. And that only gets you to the print itself – you might also be asked to provide services that include finishing, stretching and mounting, framing, and perhaps even marketing. In addition, you’re working with artists – who may have too little or too much eye for detail.

But the following four print shops have found success in wide-format print work for fine artists, proving that it can be a successful route to take.

New Era Portfolio: Appealing to the design trade
New Era Portfolio knows its clients, and it knows what they want when it comes to fine-art reproductions.

A 100-employee company, New Era ( opened its doors in 2000 in Austin, Texas, and produces fine-art giclée prints, among many other offerings. It has a strong client base in the design trade.

“The shop has always been a fine-art publisher, but we’ve also added photo-upload capabilities for our consumer business, and often have commercial business for our interior designers (such as for signage for restaurants),” says Joie Tamkin, director of marketing and communications. New Era even has a partnership with Condé Nast Trade Collection, a library of classic images and never-before-released archives from Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and other well-known magazines.