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Gandy Launches New Sl8te True Flatbeds and Hybrids

(August 2014) posted on Tue Jun 10, 2014

Also introduces enhancements to its Pred8tor and Domin8tor printer models.

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Gandy Digital has launched its new, entry-level Sl8te Hybrid and Flatbed UV printer models. Both models feature Ricoh Gen 4, 6-pL printheads; 4 or 6 colors plus inline white and clear varnish; a new high-density UV ink; dual UV lamps; a Crash Sensor for printhead protection (as well as for printed substrates); edge-to-edge printing capabilities; and more. Top resolution is 1200 dpi on both models. SAi PhotoPrint RIP is standard.

The Sl8te Hybrid is available in four widths: 63, 86, 102, and 125 in. Users can print in flatbed mode or in roll-to-roll mode. The machine’s continuous feed allows for higher throughput; extra-heavy-duty extension tables are optional, allowing for printing on extra-long rigid substrates. The hybrid can accept materials up to 2.56-in. thick.

The Sl8te Flatbed is a true flatbed available in these sizes: 63 x 102 and 102 x 118 in. Features include pin registration and section vacuum zones to hold uneven materials flat for consistent print quality; back blower for quick and easy removal of printed substrates; and the ability to accommodate materials up to 3-in. thick. A manual roll-to-roll attachment is optional.

Gandy also has introduced enhancements to its Pred8tor and Domin8tor printer models, including:
• A new high-density ink and key software, designed to provide a 50% speed increase, the company reports; and
• A new Crash Sensor to help eliminate the possibility of a collision between the printhead carriage and a printed job being removed from the printer.