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Cylix Purchases Assets of Technical Image Products

Product line expands to include printed drafting sheets and more.

Cylix, Inc. (The Peep Squirrel People) has purchased the assets of Technical Image Products in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

With the acquisition of TIP’s equipment, Cylix is expanding its product line to include printed drafting sheets (vellum and mylar) as well as Technical Image Products’ line of custom-printed bags for banners, signs, clothing, and counter bags.


‘Wide-Format Market Developments and Growth Opportunities’ Webinar

October 19 event presented by Dscoop and Infotrends.

Dscoop, the Digital Solutions Cooperative, has announced a free webinar focusing on wide-format output.

Titled, “Wide-Format Market Developments and Growth Opportunities,” the webinar will be presented by Tim Greene of InfoTrends and will discuss the latest wide-format-graphics market developments, including production technologies (solvent, UV, Latex) and how they are developing. The webinar will examine wide-format graphics print volume by application, and illustrate growth areas as well as growing vertical markets.


Reinventing the Wheel

MetroMedia Technologies develops mechanized billboard for Ford Motor Company.

They don’t call Detroit “Motor City” for nothing. Cars have been an integral part of the city’s culture since the first Model-T rolled off the assembly line more than a century ago. So when it came time for the city’s annual Woodward Dream Cruise, the world’s largest, one-day celebration of classic car culture, in August of last year, Ford Motor Company wanted to make a splash with its hallmark sports car, the Mustang.


Home Run Wrap

K6 Media creates buzzworthy wrap for Ottawa Fat Cats

To generate buzz for its inaugural season, the
Ottawa Fat Cats—a semi-professional baseball
team in Ontario’s Intercounty Baseball
League—partnered last May with k6 Media,
Inc. ( to create an eye-catching
wrap for the team’s bus.

“We had the opportunity to transform
the coach from an older looking, aged bus
to a moving billboard for the team,” says
Tristan Hanington, partner at Ottawa-based
k6 Media.

Design work for the bus, which sits in a


Helping Batter the Box Office

LAgraphico's wallscape adorns LA's new W Hotel to promote movie "Inception."

What better site to place a wallscape for one of the year’s hottest
movies than in the very heart of Hollywood? LAgraphico (lagraphico.
com) in Burbank, California, did just that for long-time client
Warner Bros. in helping to promote the studio’s fi lm, Inception.

The 73 x 36-foot wallscape was produced for placement on the
side of the new W Hotel, which sits at the corner of Hollywood
Boulevard and Vine, adjacent to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The
graphic comprised just one part of the overall Inception campaign.


Correctly Setting Expectations

Best practices for handling client expectations for vehicle wrapping

Setting a client’s expectations is an art in itself, and it takes a bit of finesse to come off like an expert, rather than a vendor making excuses. Being up front about your entire process, any challenges and any delays or issues is always the right way to operate. After all, that is what you would desire from any vendor you use and your clients expect the same. The truth always makes sense and you never have to figure out what to say: Just say the truth.


The Benefits of Barter

With the recovery still going at a snail’s pace, it may not be a bad time to think about the advantages of barter for your business.

I love a good trade, probably because barter is in my blood. As this is written, my company just took in trade nearly $1000 worth of product. This was something we wanted, but didn’t have the discretionary money to buy. I calculate we paid about 33 cents on the dollar for it. The client obviously thinks it was a good trade for them, yoo, because we already have a second job.


Sourcing Specialty Media

Sources for fabric, fine-art, dye-sub transfer papers, magnetic, and more

To help differentiate themselves and their products, many
clients want their graphics output onto a different sort of
media for an upscale, out-of-the-ordinary, or even radical
look. This means that print providers need to stay on top of
the latest media options available. And it also means that
you might need to locate a supplier for this specialty media,
perhaps one you’ve not worked with in the past.
So, in this month’s sourcelist, you’ll find companies
that offer printable fabrics, fine-art canvas and media,


Shorter Runs

Tempt In-Store Productions uses Inca S70 to meet clients' short run-needs

Tempt ( is a division of HGI Graphic Arts, a print provider traditionally serving the publication, catalog, book, and commercial markets. “Our executive vice president of sales and I had the idea of building some kind of business around a digital solution,” recounts Tempt president Michael Draver. “We acquired the assets of All-American Graphics back in late 2008 with the idea of being more active in digital, in-store, P-O-P-type products.” The Tempt division, in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, now has about 27 employees.


An Elf Story

Mercury-LDO turns customers employees into Elfs

The two halves of the Mercury-LDO ( name had very different beginnings. LDO launched its business in the late 1970s as a traditional reprographics shop, serving the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) market in and around London, England. “In 1992, owner Ray Martin saw the opportunity with all the construction in Las Vegas and, with his partner, opened an office in Las Vegas,” recounts current operations director Steve Martin. “A couple of years later they, severed all their ties with London.”