Acclaimed 'Smart Cities' Architect and Visionary Paul Doherty to Headline ERA/IRgA Convention

International Reprographic Association

United States

The reprographics industry has been entrusted with the “digital DNA” of the built environment, and is poised to play a vital role in the dramatic changes now reshaping the AEC industry. Paul Doherty, AIA, will explore that role in his keynote address at the Eastern Reprographics Association/International Reprographic Association joint 2014 Convention in Baltimore, April 3-5.

“Core competencies of document management, project lifecycle, document/data processing and delivery, communication equipment, and traditional printing can be leveraged to meet the AEC market demands while providing valued services that can increase [the reprographic industry’s] bottom line,” Doherty says.

Doherty is the president and CEO of the digit group, inc., a global leader of cloud-based solutions for the built environment. His current work is implementing Smart City solutions throughout the world. He is the co-founder of the critically acclaimed AEC Hackathon, which launched at Facebook Headquarters in Silicon Valley in November 2013.

Doherty will explain essential advances in AEC – such as big data, data visualization, smart buildings, and smart cities – and how the reprographics industry can contribute. He will include case studies of projects from around the world.

“The reprographics industry is challenged to control, manage, and lead these new transformative processes or relegate itself as just another commoditized service in the AEC market,” Doherty says.
The ERA/IRgA convention will include a full day of educational programming designed to help reprographics businesses capitalize on these developments.

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About the ERA/IRgA 2014 Convention:
The first-ever joint convention between the Eastern Reprographics Association and the International Reprographic Association will be held at the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore on April 3-5, 2014. Highlights include a keynote speech by visionary Paul Doherty, a trade show featuring the latest wide-format imaging technology, and the presentation of the 2014 IRgA Bukovsky Award, the highest honor in the reprographics industry. For more information visit or
About Paul Doherty:
Paul Doherty is the president and CEO of the digit group, inc., a global leader of cloud based solutions for the built environment. He is a licensed architect and was involved in the development of products such as Revit, Buzzsaw, and TRIRIGA. He is a highly rated speaker at numerous industry events and has been appointed a guest lecturer at leading universities throughout the world. He is a contributing author to multiple sections of the AIA Handbook of Professional Practice and the Interior Design Handbook of Practice, and the author of 2 books, Cyberplaces and Cyberplaces 2.0. Learn more at