Governor Scott Walker of WI Signs Law to Authorize the State’s First Venture Capital Investment Program at MCT, Inc in Milwaukee

MCT Inc.

United States

The unique partnership between Milwaukee based MCT, Inc. and UK based manufacturer Blackman White has taken a new turn with MCT beginning to manufacture and perform complete assembly and test in Wisconsin. With this in mind, Governor Scott Walker chose MCT as the location to sign into law (surrounded by state representatives and senators) the State’s first venture capital investment program. MCT is receiving funding for this activity through a Milwaukee Venture Capital Fund that will be getting additional funding from this new state endeavor and from the Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation.
Started in 2011 and profitable for its initial two years, MCT has already sold and installed a number of machines of the type that will be manufactured in the USA from this point on. The first such USA manufactured systems will be delivered from SGIA 2013 on. MCT has moved in this direction because of its rapid growth and the growth of market needs for both textile and traditional graphics. It needed to manufacture nearer to its market in order to keep pace with the growth in these cutting and finishing needs allowing for shorter delivery times and closer cooperation with key component manufacturers who are U.S. based. This will also allow MCT to become fully immersed in the Blackman & White designs so that it can better support its growing customer base.
About MCT, Inc
MCT has over 40 man-years experience in print finishing digital die cutting solutions for specialty graphics. The founding team comes out of Mikkelsen Graphic Engineering which pioneered the use of digital flatbed cutters to accurately “cut to print” using the revolutionary i-cut® vision system that MGE pioneered. The combined experience makes MCT one of the most knowledgeable teams in the industry in regard to materials and their finishing methods. Armed with this knowledge, MCT is able to sell solutions to a printer’s needs, not just finishing tables. Manufacturing locally is the final step in providing long term support to its growing customer base.
About Blackman White
Blackman White is a leading manufacturer of cutting solutions in Heybridge, Malden, Essex in the UK. With over 45 years of successful business in the design and manufacture of cutting systems for a breadth of industries from digital print and sail making, through to technical textiles and composites. Blackman & White’s current range of machines encompasses a comprehensive range of tooling options. These range from knife and laser cutters on flatbed or conveyorized tables through to unique cutting tools designed to overcome more specific challenges according to the material being used. Supplying internationally to companies both small and large, each customer is treated as an individual and a solution carefully considered to match the application.