Inprinta launches new space-saving disc filter for Superwide graphics


United States

Building on the current range of inkjet filters, Inprinta, a leading manufacturer and supplier of filters, has launched a new small disc filter, the 8159, for use inline or as a critical last chance filter for the Superwide graphics market.

Designed for use in confined spaces, the 8159 disc filter is only 33mm in diameter making it ideally suited for applications with closely positioned, multiple ink lines. The filters exhibit superior flow characteristics and low pressure drops that ensure consistent, reliable printing performance with maximised printhead protection.

The 8159 disc filter is available in two filter media, polymeric membrane or stainless steel mesh, with submicronic to 100 micron ratings that provide an excellent final barrier to protect inkjet printheads against contaminants and aggregates. Supplied as standard with white filter housings, a black option is available for UV ink applications with either female luer-loks or 4mm Jaco connectors.

This addition to the Inprinta range of inkjet filters broadens their supply range and benefits both new and existing customer requirements.

For a copy of a brochure detailing the Inprinta filter range please register your details at or contact Inprinta on +44-1425-612010 / +1-804-550-1600 or email