The LaManna Alliance Introduces Business Matchmaking

The LaManna Alliance

United States

Introducing Business Matchmaking from the LaManna Alliance.
Business Matchmaking is a new approach to helping buyers and sellers of businesses in the printing and print-related industries. Unlike traditional business brokers and M&A intermediaries, we created our Business Matchmaking to ensure three important criteria are met for buyers and sellers:

• Exclusive, industry-specific database for a synergistic match.
• Discrete and extremely efficient approach.
• Pricing designed to ensure a win-win outcome.

Whether you're looking to buy or sell a business, today or sometime in the near future, you'll want to see how this unique approach compares to other brokers and printing intermediaries.

We Help Buyers and Sellers Find the Perfect Match.
Why do so many buyers and sellers of businesses get stuck? We believe its because the current system, with business brokers and one-sided commissions, doesn’t work. For a true win-win situation, you need a system designed to create synergistic buyers.
That’s why we developed LaManna Alliance Matchmaking. It’s based on a simple premise: We want to create wealth for both the buyer and seller of a business.
Matchmaking works with both buyers and sellers to identify a synergistic relationship and facilitate a successful transaction. The arrangement benefits both parties:
* Exclusive database ensures a synergistic match. Rock LaManna’s extensive industry experience and connections has helped us create an exclusive database, from which we choose the qualified, synergistic match.

* Discrete and extremely efficient. Instead of using spray-and-pray marketing tactics, our discrete approach is based on the personal connections we’ve developed with key decision makers. You’ll save time and establish the ideal connections.
*A win-win pricing structure. Our compensation is based on a minimal retainer fee and a success fee paid upon closing. Because our compensation does not heavily favor one party or the other, we are beholden only to a “win-win” scenario. Our goal is to ensure that both sellers and buyers benefit.

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