Miratec Systems Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Miratec Systems

United States

Miratec Systems, the nation’s leading wholesale graphics manufacturer, celebrates its 25th year anniversary on June 20, 2013. Since founding Miratec Systems in 1988, Bert Guinee has continued to demonstrate Miratec’s dedication to providing a quality product, on-time, at a fair price, and with respect for its customers.

As a technology leader in the industry, this Silver Anniversary marks a time of extraordinary innovations at Miratec. With the introduction of their proprietary, nationally leading color management system, PureColor™ Technology, unprecedented seamless 80” pressure sensitive film for plastic sign faces, and OLE®, the nation’s only on-line estimating system, Miratec is establishing a new quality standard in the industry. Bert Guinee’s commitment to technology has never been stronger, “as we look to the future, we continue to find ways to serve our customers with world class service.”

For more information, visit www.miratecsystems.com.