Polytype America Corporation Clarifies Status of the Virtu Business Unit in North America

Polytype America

United States

March 19, 2013, Mahwah, New Jersey – Over the past few weeks, there have been several misleading and false reports in the press and other outlets that our Swiss parent, Wifag‐Polytype Group (WPG), has closed the Virtu Digital Printing Business Unit.
The Corporation would like to clarify to the North American and World markets that contrary to those reports, the Virtu Digital Printing Unit has not been closed. In a statement made to customers from the Swiss parent, Wifag‐ Polytype Group (WPG), keenly aware that the European market has succumed to the current financial crisis, has restructured and refocused its European wide‐format printer division, ceasing direct sales efforts in Europe, while handing all European sales responsibility in Display Graphics to their regional sales partners. It has focused its R&D and innovation efforts on packaging and industrial applications rather than display graphics.
While the firm is reducing its focus on wide‐format graphics in European Market, the United States business has shown substantial growth in a recovering economy with the industrial Display Graphic products, as well as enjoying continued growth in the Canadian and Mexican markets. The North American team continues to grow to keep pace with their sales and marketing efforts, in addition to adding key partners to increase their market exposure and presence as well as their overall North American market share.
Polytype is and will continue to build its World Class Industrial Digital Printing systems to order for those customers
who are able to appreciate the value of world‐class Swiss Engineered Industrial Printing and Display Graphic systems.
About Polytype America
Polytype America Corp. (PAC) sells and services Polytype's Virtu UV 3‐in‐1 UV printers throughout North America. The Virtu printers are Swiss designed and manufactured in Polytype's Fribourg, Switzerland factory. Virtu Abacus 25 and Abacus 35 UV printers offer a unique 3‐in‐1 combination design: True flatbed, hybrid belt and heavy duty roll-to-roll operation.