SUN Studio Moscow produces for Olympics in Sochi


United States

Press Release for immediate distribution
Novosibirsk, November 20, 2013. IQDEMY, a group of leading companies uniting the world’s best practices and expertise in the digital large format marketplace, is proud to announce that SUN Studio Moscow has completed the order from the Olympic Organizing Committee for the production of wayfinders, pointers, information billboards, signboards as well as internal and external stele for the Bolshoi Ice Palace seating 12,000 visitors, in Sochi.
All of the wayfinders are designed in such a way that visitors can easily orient themselves inside and outside of the Ice Palace. The vast sports complex with spacious rooms and corridors offers guests many amenities, each of which requires exact pointing and locating by visitors.
When designing and producing the steles outside of the Bolshoi Ice Palace, increased wind speeds and gusts as well as the winter temperatures had to be taken into account thus some pointers have been put directly onto the pavement. The broad use of outdoor wayfinders ensures that Olympic visitors find their destination easily.
“Our prints show exceptional quality, durability as well as weather resistance that has been recognized by this order from the Olympic Organizing Committee. Due to UV LED curing technology our prints are practically not subjected to external mechanical influences – and that has been an important factor for this job”, says Roman Tyrov, director of SUN Studio Moscow.
SUN Studio Moscow’s equipment enables the company to print on a wide variety of materials such as plastic, metal, wood, textiles, canvas, stones and many other substrates. The employed UV LED ink, exclusively manufactured by IQDEMY, enables high scratch and weather resistance of prints. In addition, the ink is environmentally friendly as it contains no VOCs. Therefore no extra airing equipment, as is commonplace when solvent-based printers are used, is required in the production environment.

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