Tharstern Webinar: Introduction to Layout Library


Have your MIS automatically create the imposition laydown that your prepress team would have chosen if they’d done it manually!
Our new Layout Library tool allows you to take your preferred imposition layouts and to teach your MIS the way you want to work.

Join us on Wednesday 13th June at 10am EDT and find out how Layout Library could help your print business. 

Register to see how to:

Control all the flipping and rotating of your impositions to fit in with your equipment and workflow.
Create Sheet Profiles that teach the MIS your particular laydowns.
Combine several Sheet Profiles into a Layout Profile.
Assign criteria to the Layout Profiles so your MIS knows which to select when performing estimate calculations.
Create different Layouts for different pieces of equipment or post-press processes. 

Can't attend? We'll send you a recording if you register.

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