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VALLOY Incorporation launched the innovative digital roll label solution, from printing to lamination and die-cutting in desktop size under ANYTRON brand in June 2013.

Label printing is one of the most promising fields to be digitalized in today’s fast production of customized goods. Already there are matured digital technologies available in narrow roll-fed printing, like wet-toner, water-based inkjet, UV inkjet, dry-toner and etc. In-house color labeling becomes a competitive edge to serve customers with quick customization and consumers also prefer to buy private labeled goods because of quality or value. Demands for shorter, customizable print runs continue to grow for print providers, brand owners and traditional converters.
Also there’re new needs of different records even for the same product (certifications, languages, localized information, personalized information and etc.). It is true that digital solution helps saving of space, time, excess stock, accident, and labor with additional benefits like gamut-extending colors and variable data printing of barcodes or texts.

There’re many advantages in digital solution and now the cost difference between analog and digital is as low as about 20%, which can be ignorable for short runs. There’re meaningful benefits from digital enough to compensate the cost difference. Users can print exactly what and how many labels required without excess or shortage of inventory (Right product in Right time is a challenge in analogue) with immediate printing to finishing without delay of production and packaging wheel and there’s additional unique features like multiple designs on a single layout and personalized information or images as variable data option in each label.

For this reason, this area of the market is ready to expand rapidly, but there have been some limitations. Typical digital narrow-web machines from HP, EFI, Durst, Xeikon and Canon (Oce) are too big and complicated with requiring far higher level of investment cost, facilities and technical manpower. Just like the other industries, digital solution is expected to be more compact and easy to operate at much more affordable cost. Now VALLOY is introducing the right answer for the needs of middle level compact digital label printing solution, from printing to laminating and die-cutting, with pretty satisfactory quality, accuracy and production speed.

ANYTRON Digital Label Solution is true desktop-sized light weight solution with suitable design in the office. It is environment friendly and It is very easy to install and operate even for beginners with providing intuitive rip s/w for professional job management.
ANYTRON label printer is desktop-size digital roll label printer, using single-pass LED color laser engine. There are 3~4 competitors in the market in 220mm width web market, but the main difference of our machine is "Accuracy and Flexibility". We focused on 'precise registration' which others have some problem in. Our web station is sophisticatedly designed for precise control of exact registration (± 0.3mm width-direction variance) with supporting gap sensors and black mark sensors. This enables us to perfectly support any pre-cut labels and post processing of rotary die-cutters, which cannot be supported if registration is not accurate enough.

ANYTRON label printer is using single-pass LED color laser technology for the best quality photographic Image, with high productivity (max.9.3m/min). Media is fed straightly throughout the engine without folding to guarantee min. thermal effect on media with registration accuracy.
The machine is ideal for short run solution to perform various on-demand jobs with cheap running cost. It supports simultaneous production of different labels in size, shape, color, content, numbering, name, ID, photo, barcode, marks and etc. on the fly.
Furthermore, our new ANYTRON digital CO2 laser die cutting machine has amazing features in addition. It is world-first model in desktop size (220mm web station) using air-cooled CO2 laser unit at the cost of 1/3~1/5 of those from conventional narrow-web market. The machine has VISION system as well as cutting mark sensors, to compensate the registration errors in the printed label itself. So this Anytron laser die-cutter supports all label printers available in the market, even for printers which has registration errors.

The machine supports cutting on the fly without stopping and the cutting speed is 5m/min to max. 18m/min. There're a few digital knife-cutters for label finishing in the market but it is too slow and it shows errors in registration. Also it is almost impossible to cut complicated design of labels. Our Anytron laser die-cutter supports half-cutting, full-cutting and hatch marking at the same time. Just like Anyrton label printer, this laser cutter also supports variable data in marking. It is provided as full-featured package including software, table, screen display, computer, dust-collector, blower and air-compressor. This machine is the core part to accelerate the digitalization of label printing market.

Laser engine’s life time is minimum 10 years differently from monthly replacement of knife cutter’s blade. Label size can be max. 20.5cm x 1.2m size and the best accuracy can be achieved by sophisticated web station, mark sensor and intelligent vision camera system. It can cut any complicated and small designs. The machine has inline laminator and matrix removal all together as a complete label finishing system.

In the near future, Valloy will also release another new models in different size and different technology like white color supporting model, 330mm width model, UV inkjet model and etc. but the philosophy to provide convenient, flexible, compact and affordable solution will keep followed.


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About VALLOY Incorporation Founded in 2004, in Gangnam-style town of Seoul, Korea, VALLOY Incorporation has served international customers and partners as an marketing and publishing company for various products and solutions in digital printing market. The company is balanced with international marketing professionals and digital imaging professionals who have more then 20 years of experience in development and marketing for image processing software, imaging devices, electricity, electronic components, substrates and chemicals in Printing Industry. The company provides a complete suite of solution lines for signage printing, textile printing and specialty printing like screen/labels.