Aleph at FESPA


As Gold Sponsor of the Europe’s largest print event - Fespa Global Print Expo 2018 - Aleph will take the occasion of the big show to present latest developments  in technology to the world print industry.

New achievements of the LaForte project reveal a specific attention to international market trends and embrace the company vision of a product integrated system for a complete service to customers.

“You cannot stop the migration to digital” said Alessandro Floridia, Aleph Board Member, during the Fespa presentation. “The innovation improvement process goes into this direction, you cannot stop it”. Thanks to its capability to evolve rapidly in accordance with market dynamics, Aleph has become one of the most important printers manufacturers on the global scene.

Fespa 2018 is the perfect platform to present the LaForte Studio Paper 340, a machine designed to fulfill the request of proper solution for sublimation paper on wider format. As the price of transfer paper has now fallen and knowledge of its use has increased, customers  find that transfer printing is better than direct printing and the LaForte Studio Paper 340 is able to guarantee top quality with lighter and less expensive paper.

In addition, transfer printing is interesting also for the following reasons:

Transfer printing uses 20 to 30% less ink and there are no additional costs
Printing is always on the same media (transfer paper) and it isn’t necessary to create a new profile each piece of textile
The printer stays clean
It is possible to print on a much broader range of textiles
In terms of quality, as the textile is no longer pre-treated for direct printing, it creases much less and the result is taut and professional looking. Also colors are more vivid and there is no risk of the ink rubbing off.

The LaForte Studio Paper 340 reaches a speed up to 600 sqm/h providing the maximum resolution and featuring the patented rotary belt with air vacuum system.

It is intended to drive forward visual communication, home textiles and retail and office decoration, giving major opportunity to expand customers portfolio.

Created in 1999 in the area of Como, the heart of the Italian textile manufacturing excellence, Aleph is now a company with a solid know-how in the construction of printing machines and in the development of supporting software.

From large format textile printers to drying systems, from proprietary software to consumables, Aleph develops and manufactures technologically advanced products for each individual printing process, and offers reliable after-sales technical support services.

Aleph distributes in USA, UK, India and Turkey through reliable partners. For more info, please visit