LED Roll-to-Roll Printer

EFI Pro 32r features CMYK + white ink.

Big Picture

EFI has released its EFI Pro 32r 126-in. roll-to-roll printer, which prints up to 2227 sq ft/hr and uses built-in EFI Fiery digital front end. Features include CMYK ink (with optional white), 7-pL EFI UltraDrop, LED curing, resolution up to 635 dpi, backlit proofing lights, winkle analyzer, integrated mesh kit, and such options as slitters, automatic blockout printing, manual backlit printing, iPhone printer management application, and a software productivity pack with tools to reduce media waste. Applications include banners, outdoor signage, floor graphics, P-O-P displays, textiles and soft signage, wallcoverings, and more.

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