Portable Tradeshow Lightboxes

Works as a freestanding backlit wall.

Big Picture

Expand has revealed the Expand LightBox Portable sectional lightbox for event and tradeshow applications. The lightbox features premounted LED lights designed to eliminate hotspots with a reflector and laser-cut lens and a pillowcase substrate that zips over the frame and is compatible with single and double-sided print. The company reports Expand LightBox Portable can be used as a freestanding backlit wall, integrated into a booth, or multiple lightboxes can be connected to create an entire booth. The Expand PodiumCase can be used as a counter on location. Frames are available in 31.5-,  63-, and 94.5-in widths and 31.5-, 63-, and 94.5-in heights for a total of 9 configurations.

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