Mutoh Adds UV LED RTR Printer

The 64-in. VJ-1638UR can print on heat-sensitive media.

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Mutoh has introduced the 64-in. ValueJet VJ-1638UR UV LED roll-to-roll inkjet printer, which features staggered dual printheads, dual UV lamps for higher productivity, and odor free prints. UV LED technology offers printing on heat-sensitive media. Features include i-Weave UV intelligent interweave print technology, automated sheet-off function, ink mist control to stabilize print operation, user replaceable cleaning wiper, automated media registration pin system, and a four-zone vacuum table with blowback feature for handling and positioning of heavy media. 

The printer uses the company’s VOC-free UV LED ink in CMYK + white + varnish, which allows for printing on transparent and colored media, plus the varnish reportedly reduces unevenness for a glossy and finely textured image. Three-layer printing mode offers high-density varnish effects. A 5-color mode (CMYK + varnish) is available. Applications include signage, packaging, and more.

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