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Mutoh ValueJet

Recent Stories

  • How custom-wrapped DOC Bands are rounding out medical treatment for babies with plagiocephaly.
  • K6 Media produces 1700 square feet of graphics for Rendez-vous Canada.
  • Paradise Graphix gives flavor to Blue Ash Chili's food truck.
  • Award winners include inks, media, finishing equipment and supplies, and output devices.
  • For 14 days in May, Dusseldorf was the epicenter of the graphics world.
  • Ideal for production of soft signage, sportswear, home décor, flags, and pennants.
  • “By having a wrap on a small compact vehicle, it would give them the flexibility of having it at events and tradeshow booths, as well as simply parked right in front of their location.”
  • “They wanted to have the biggest and best party vehicle in the tailgate lot – so big that the vehicle barely squeezed through our shop door.”