14-Foot-Tall Portrait Displays the 'Face of Canada'

A wide-format fabric installation in the Royal Ontario Museum.

Big Picture

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto installed "Robert Young's 'Face of Canada,'" The Canada 150 Commemorative Edition in the museum’s Hyacinth Gloria Chen Crystal Court. Part of the "Young World Faces" collection, the 14 x 10-foot textile artwork features the photograph of a Canadian citizen with the country’s flag painted across her face. EFI printed the portrait onto A. Berger Lighttex fabric with a Vutek FabriVu 3240.

The special edition one-off differed from the more than 40 other pieces in the "Young World Faces" with production on a white background, rather than black. The original textile series was printed by Mississauga, Ontario-based McRae Imaging: 41 7-foot tall canvases displaying faces with the national flags of each participant in the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto.

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