2000 Square Feet of Printed Glass

An architectural team, artist, and glass company team up to create a stunning kiosk.

Big Picture

The design directive for the Gusto Gelato kiosk on the newly developed Elizabeth Quay promenade in Perth, Australia, was to call to mind the region’s distinct Argyle pink diamonds. The Iredale Pederson Hook architectural team took the brief quite literally, collaborating with artist Pamela Gaunt and the Cooling Brothers Glass Company to convert drawings of diamonds into 130 unique glass panels that form a diamond-shaped façade.

Photos courtesy of Cooling Brothers Glass Company and Robert Frith.

The nearly 2000 square feet of glass features Vanceva interlayers in pink and champagne hues and is coated with SG41 and printed on Cooling Brothers’ Dip-Tech ceramic printer. But before printing, the design faced complex testing to ensure every visual element – the colored glass, ambient reflections, changing daylight, and the textured print – would work together in harmony.

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