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Avery Dennison’s annual contest crowns 10 regional winners and 'King of the Wrap World' champ.

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Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions has announced the 10 regional winners from its annual Wrap Like a King Challenge. Wrap installers from 53 countries around the world were invited to submit full-print or color-change wrap projects for the chance to win nearly $2000 worth of personalized marketing materials, Avery Dennison products, and passes to SEMA. 

Projects were judged by an international panel of eight wrap experts; they evaluated each project by the following criteria: visual transformation (difference between the before-and-after photos submitted), quality of workmanship and skill level of installation, overall public appeal, and uniqueness of the design. 

The projects were completed featuring options from the Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film portfolio including Conform Chrome, MPI 1105 Supercast Digital film, or a combination of car wrap films.

The global “King of the Wrap World” was announced at the SEMA Show in November in Las Vegas. For the second consecutive year MetroWrapz took the top prize. 



North America East 
The “Nebula Graffiti GR” project, designed by CORSA Auto Design and wrapped by Empire Vinyl






North America West
The “Willys - Chrome Punisher” project, completed by Incognito Wraps






North America South; "King of the Wrap World" Winner
The “Creature from the Wrap Lagoon” project, completed by the MetroWrapz team





North America Central
The “Deathstroke McLaren 650s” project, designed by Eric Gosselin of ECD and completed by PG Nola







The “Spiderghini” project, completed by Sapphire Creative 






North America Midwest
The “P57” project, completed by IVS Wraps 








Europe Eastern, MENA
The “BMW M135i / Artist” project, completed by WrapStyle





Europe Central
The “Parrot in Flowers” project, completed by SIGNal Design






Europe North
The “Printed Chrome Caracachews Wrap” project, completed by Venom Wraps






Europe South
The “Lamborghini Aventador” project, completed by M-Wrapping 

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