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3 Wallcovering Hacks

Tips and takeaways from the 2016 Wallcoverings Association’s Annual Meeting.

Tried and Blue
Michael Dominguez, senior VP of hotel sales for MGM Resorts International, says to stick with blue tones when designing wallcoverings for meeting rooms because they are reminiscent of sky and daylight, keeping individuals awake and alert. Steer away from yellow tones as they release melatonin, which could lead to sleepy meeting members.

Designs and Styles
What’s trending for 2016? Carol Cisco, publisher of Interior Design magazine, says:

• Metallic
• 3D
• Geometrics
• Nature
• Black and white

Specifying Wallcoverings
Top five factors to consider when purchasing media:

1. Aesthetics/design
2. Durability/quality
3. Color selection
4. Price
5. Cleanability/maintenance

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