7 Finishing Tools to Get the Job Done

The work doesn’t end when the printer stops running.

Every day, the world of inkjet becomes more complex: New, surprising verticals embrace the age of customization while standard, go-to applications become saturated; manufacturers of production tools from end to end respond in turn, shaping increasingly specialized technology; and the modern-day customer is more demanding than he or she has ever been. In the middle of it all, PSPs face the task of adapting to these new niches and opportunities while preparing their shops to say “yes” to any request.

It’s a given that this growing list of applications, from fashion prototyping to imaging on glass to day/night backlit graphics, has spawned a growing list of available media and, often, the need to upgrade printers to accommodate those materials. But what happens after the roll (or corrugated package or upcycled wood) comes off the press? 

“Materials like metals and wood have different finishing requirements than textiles or vinyl, and it’s also important to consider the ultimate location of the finished product,” reads ISA’s April 2017 “Market Opportunities for Digital Printing” white paper, prepared by InfoTrends and sponsored by Esko. It seems like a no-brainer, but when putting one’s money on the line, it can be easy to overlook the need for finishing technology that’s as versatile as the rest of the shop. The result may often be that dreaded phenomenon: a bottleneck.

The report reiterates: “Finishing is no longer an option; it is a must for digital printing to march forward.” So, if you’re taking a hard look at your business, be sure to take in the whole picture, including cutters, routers, and laminators. To help find the right machines for your shop, we’ve compiled a list of some of the newest finishing tech on the market.

Andes from CET Color

Camm-1 GR Series from Roland DGA

CorruSpeed from Esko

Kombo SDC+ 3.2 from Elitron

Patriot from AGL

RM-L from Zünd

Sharpcut SX1616 from Colex

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